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EXE philosophy

Before EXE CLUB’s inception, EXE started as an event management brand which organizes exclusive electronic music events. In the first few years, our team transformed over ten exclusive locations in Sofia, invited over 50 worldwide artists, brought a foreign audience and built a loyal fanbase. Our endless strive for growth has led to the next step: our home - EXE CLUB.

So far EXE CLUB has had many successful seasons. EXE CLUB has hosted more than a 100 worldwide Djs, producers and live acts. Currently the club operates three nights per week. The program is as follows: Every Thursdays you will hear the hottest music from the 2000s with mixed genres, but mainly POP music. On Fridays we do RAP CAVIAR with its expensive dress code. Rap Caviar is about the best of all time high-end rnb, hip-hop & trap music. On Saturdays you can expect all kinds of electronic music genres which vary each week (techno, melodic, progressive, tech-house, afro-house, trance, eurodance and many more). Follow the flags on our socials to learn about the various electronic music genres each week.


EXE is identity, personality, individuality. An EXE person has character, spirit and mind of their own that fits perfectly to the whole. To beat as whole like a heart does, to breathe as whole like lungs do, to work as a whole organism - all this is to be a part of EXE


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